The EarlyBird Gets The Cake

Waking up at 8am on a Sunday morning should be a crime. And it is a crime which I had to commit this week.

Now, I don’t wake up that early on a Sunday morning for anyone. Oh no, you have to be pretty damn special to get that privilege from me.

There is only one thing that could get me out of bed that early and that is of course cakes. Cakes, cakes and more cakes. I mean, how can anyone resist the smell of freshly baked goods!

The reason for the early start was because Sunday was the day for the annual Cake & Bake Show!  A friend and I decided to head on down to Earls Court to fill our stomachs to our hearts content with all the sweet stuff and to see if we could get any tips and tricks on how we could improve our baking skills.

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View From The Top

I’ve sorta been obsessed with these “view from the top” shots recently. There’s something about these type of images where all the focus is on your shoes and accessories that I love…..I think it’s because I can go out without a full face of make-up but still get some good shots to put up on Instagram! That’s deception at its best!

It’s also just a really cool alternative way to showcase what you’re wearing rather than the standard mirror selfie.

I love that it makes me look taller than I actually am which is always a plus!

Shirt - Market Jeans - Asda Converse - Office

Shirt – Market, Jeans – Asda (closest match), Converse – Office

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