All Wrapped Up


As if everyone else hasn’t been harping on about it enough but incase you missed it, there’s only 2┬ádays till Christmas! A scary thought I know – so for those who are known for their tendency to leave their Christmas shopping and wrapping to the last minute, this post might have just come at the right time for you.

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Drizzled Cookies


Icicle laden cookies anyone? These cookies are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The combination of the brown sugar with the chocolate chips is sure to give you that sugar rush that you so need in the run up to Christmas (it’s the one time of the month where the calories don’t count!) They’d make a great addition to the dining table and would look gorgeous on a centrepiece – ready for guests to devour when they arrive.

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Christmas Lemon Cupcakes


I love this time of year and have been really getting into the festive baking spirit recently. I have a long list of goodies I want to bake and with Christmas fast approaching, I better get a move on!

I think adding a little christmassy touch to simple recipes completely transforms a bake. And you can’t get any better than having cupcakes, gingerbread and candy canes all in one recipe!

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DIY Chocolate Hamper

Xmas Hamper

I love a good DIY project so when I was faced with trying to find a gift for my secret santa recipient, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to be a little creative.

A chocolate hamper seemed to be the go to option since there is surely no one on this planet that doesn’t like chocolate right? This hamper is super easy to do, requires very little effort and is sure to blow everyone away!

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