Garlic Dough Balls


A short and sweet post for you today demonstrating how easy it is to make some of your restaurant faves in the comfort of your own home!

Any trip to Pizza Express is never complete for me without their dough balls – I can’t resist not ordering them, especially with the addition of the garlicky butter. So I thought what better than to try and recreate this at home. Now, I hear you cry, is it really worth the effort?

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Chocolate Swirl Buns

Last weekend I was immersed in the vortex of YouTube – you know those moments where you’re intending to watch just one video but end up 2 hours later still glued to the screen? Yup. That was me. However, there was one positive that came out of my marathon YouTube viewing – I came across Donal Skehan’s channel. He has a plethora of easy to follow recipe videos on his channel including both cooking and baking – and he’s not bad on the eye too making the videos that much more enjoyable to watch ;).

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Nutella Brioche Flower

Nutella Brioche

The other day whilst watching GBBO (Great British Bake Off) I suddenly realised that in all my years of baking I’ve never actually used yeast.┬áIt’s been one of those ingredients that I’ve steered well clear of because of all the catastrophes associated with it and the endless amount of proving needed. However I thought it was about time I took the plunge and experienced for myself how difficult yeast really is to use.

But I wasn’t going to make it easy on myself, if I was going to use yeast then I was going to go all out. Instead of making a normal white bread, I wanted something a little adventurous ….so when I stumbled across this YouTube video, I knew I’d found the answer.

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