My London Brunch Guide


Brunch – a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

Brunch has to be one of my all-time favourite meals since it’s essentially an excuse to eat breakfast late in the day – an excuse to sleep in and still eat breakfast – my idea of heaven.

I’ve been roaming around the streets of London recently to find my ultimate Brunch hotspots and to satisfy my brunch cravings and thought this would be perfect little guide for those that are lacking inspiration or are looking for ideas from the eyes of a London local.

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Cutter & Squidge


I absolutely love discovering new places in London, especially those which require me to eat. So when I saw images of 5 layered cakes slathered in buttercream from a place called “Cutter & Squidge” floating around my Instagram feed, I was drawn in from the word go and knew I had to go check it out.

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Sky Garden


There’s something captivating about seeing a city from a different perspective. Whether it be getting a birds eye view of the landmarks from the sky or simply from a local park, no one can deny that we never quite fully take in what’s around us.

I’ve been wanting to see London from up top for a while now, with both the Shard and Heron Tower being on my long list of places to visit. However last weekend, a friend and I decided to head on down to the Sky Garden based at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street to see what the hype was about.

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Down The Cake Hole We Go – Columbia Road Flower Market


I may have lived in London all my life but there are still 1001 hidden gems I have yet to see within the city I call my home.

A couple of weeks back, one Sunday morning, despite the rainy British weather, I thought I’d see more of what’s in my hometown and decided to head on down to Columbia Road Flower Market in East London in search of some flowers to add a bit of life to my rather dull bedroom. Continue reading