Jam Tarts


Jam tarts are one of those recipes that feel like they are so much harder to make than they actually are – probably due to the fact that a pastry is involved.

However, with a pastry that takes only minutes to prepare and a filling that is already pre-made, it honestly doesn’t entail as much effort as one would expect. And for those that want a cheat bake that requires even more minimal effort, then use shop bought pastry instead – no one will ever know the difference.

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Chocolate Choux Buns

Chocolate and cream all in one item…..How can anyone resist right?

Last weekend I thought I’d put┬ámy baking skills to the test and attempt to make some choux pastry. This being my first time at making any sort of pastry, I was wary of the chaos I thought was about to ensue.

But to my surprise, it was actually really simple! Much, much more easier┬áthan I thought, and I didn’t experience any sort of catastrophes along the way!

Here are the ingredients I used and the method I followed:

photo 3 (1)

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