Personalised Biscuits


Aloha! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Fret no more, I have a plethora of baking recipes that are soon to come your way. First up are these incredibly cute personalised biscuits which I baked for a recent birthday party. The personalisation makes these biscuits slightly more special making them the perfect party favours.

I’ve been wanting to make biscuits like these for ages now so was pleased when I finally found the chance.

The complete personalised biscuit required 3 simple steps and by using ready made fondant that I bought from the supermarket, I was able to eradicate any unnecessary steps.

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Viennese Biscuits


You know those biscuits that just melt inside your mouth and you can’t help but eat more than one? Well be warned, these biscuits have exactly that effect. The buttery soft texture with the smooth chocolate richness will have you always fighting for the last one on the plate.

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Drizzled Cookies


Icicle laden cookies anyone? These cookies are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The combination of the brown sugar with the chocolate chips is sure to give you that sugar rush that you so need in the run up to Christmas (it’s the one time of the month where the calories don’t count!) They’d make a great addition to the dining table and would look gorgeous on a centrepiece – ready for guests to devour when they arrive.

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Triple Chocolate Cookies


No need to send out a search party, I’m back! I’ve abandoned this little blog of mine recently whilst I’ve been busy with 1001 other things but in the hope of making it up to you all, I’ve come armed with the ultimate cookie recipe.

I don’t know if I’m the only one that thinks this but there’s something about baking which is quite therapeutic, it’s the thing I like to do best to de-stress and after a manic few weeks where I’ve spent more days worrying than anything else, I thought there was nothing better to do than to put on my apron and bring out my baking gear.

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