Dessert Table #1


I’m a big fan of dessert tables – give me a reason for a party and I’ll be the first person to jump up to create a table filled with desserts to fit the theme.

I think it makes the perfect addition to any party and I’m a sucker for taking something simple and transforming it to look pretty. Having a dessert table helps to give the room a focal point and keeps the guests waiting eagerly and on their toes till the table opens up!



I’ve created loads of dessert tables over the past few years – but none have actually appeared on here. This little series will showcase all the tables I’ve put together for various different events – all of which combine homemade desserts with those purchased straight from the shop.


First up is this ensemble I put together for a family gathering. With the majority being homemade and with only one evening to bake- I had my work cut out! Many of these dessert recipes feature on this blog, if you’re keen to give them a go!

  1. Lemon Loaf
  2. Strawberry Jelly Shots
  3. Chocolate Choux Buns
  4. Banoffee Pie
  5. Madeira Cake
  6. Rice Pudding Glasses
  7. Mini Caramel Tarts
  8. Cupcakes
  9. Cinnamon Rolls



Here are my top tips on creating the perfect dessert table:

  1. Use Individual mini glasses/pots
    • I tend buy mine from Party Delights – by using these, it makes it incredibly easy for all guests to pick up a dessert and go, but also really helps to add to the aesthetics of the table.
  2. Use a variety of cake stands/boxes in all different shapes and sizes
    • A good dessert table is one which is of all different heights – you can be as imaginative as you want with the items you use – I’ve used jewellery boxes, bird cages and vegetable crates previously!
  3. Use fairy lights and flowers 
    • Use anything to help you dress the table up
  4. Use a table cover
    • Unless your table is super pretty, there’s no excuse to not use a table cover.


B xx

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