All Wrapped Up


As if everyone else hasn’t been harping on about it enough but incase you missed it, there’s only 2 days till Christmas! A scary thought I know – so for those who are known for their tendency to leave their Christmas shopping and wrapping to the last minute, this post might have just come at the right time for you.


For me, I love wrapping as much as I do buying the present. Going all out with the mini holly, twine and ribbons I believe adds that extra dimension and really makes it stand out from the rest. I actually enjoy it too – is it weird that I find it slightly therapeutic? It also gives me a chance to be a little creative and bring out all my crafting gear!


My favourite wrapping paper has to to be this brown kraft paper – whether it’s for Christmas or birthdays it acts as a perfect base allowing you to be as creative as you wish! I purchased this paper from Tiger – my go-to shop for all my wrapping goodies. It’s one of those stores that you enter and end up leaving with a million things you never knew you needed. However, they do have the most amazing wrapping accessories – I purchased all of the items below from there. I’m definitely in need of a trip there soon in order to stock up!


For all of these presents, I simply tied the boxes with black satin ribbon, and personalised each with the names of the recipients using a stencil. The personalisation is super simple and effective and just makes the present seem so much more special. I then added these cute animal pegs to the bows just to add that christmassy feel.



Are you one of those people that finds wrapping therapeutic too? Or am I the only one???

B xx


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