Bedroom Inspiration Diaries: Part Two (Workstation Edition)

Workspace Edition

The space I work from plays a big part in my creativity. My inspiration stems from my surroundings – without a clear, bright space I can’t think straight. My current workspace at home is pretty much non-existent, so I like to venture off to a nearby coffee shop or library in order to focus. However, scrolling through my Instagram feed recently, all I ever seem to see are immaculate rooms with perfectly arranged desks and the most amazing accessories and I can’t help but be jealous. Jealous of an Instagram picture, what has life come to?

I’m in search of my own Instagram worthy workstation, so following on from part one of my bedroom inspiration diaries, I’ve been scouring Pinterest in search of some picture perfect workspaces to help inspire me with creating my own space.

Workstation Edition

If my workstation could look remotely like any of these then I’d be one very happy gal! This is exactly what I’d want to incorporate into my room. I love the simplicity of all of these workspaces – the brightness, the pops of colour, and the super cute prints.

Workspace Edition 2

One place I also recently stumbled across was a company called WeWork who supply shared office spaces located all over the world. For those like me, who struggle to think straight without a neat workstation, this discovery could help you out. Not only are the spaces so beautifully designed and look like something pulled out of a hipster magazine (I’m definitely going to pull ideas from here for my own room!) but the concept of a shared office space helps to bring together creative communities from all industries. Whether you’re a freelancer, startup or a large company, WeWork provide workspaces aswell as conference rooms and take care of absolutely everything – from coffee and xbox consoles through to internet access and furniture.

I think the concept of WeWork is invigorating and perfect for those of us who struggle with space. It’s great to see creative minds coming together to help bring new ideas into the world. And to be honest, their mission statement is one we should all get embedded into our brains –


Bithika xx

*Source for all photos – Pinterest

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