Bedroom Inspiration Diaries: Part One

After years of saying “I’ll do it next month”, I’ve finally got down to redecorating my room! This is part one of my bedroom inspiration diaries where I’ll be documenting the inspiration process behind creating my dream bedroom.

Redecoration has been on my to-do list for a very long time – 5 years to be precise (I guess I’m just a great procrastinator!) However, now that I’ve made it my mission to complete redecorating by the end of next month, I am absolutely obsessed with scouring the internet for inspiration and decor.

Whenever I’m in need of a little inspiration, there’s no other place to go to other than Pinterest. My current board is bursting with my favourite looks, and I thought why not share what I’ve found over here. I only wish I had a bigger room so I could replicate all of these looks!

Pretty In Pink

Room Inspo Pink

Pink, white and snippets of gold – how can anyone go wrong? I love how the dashes of gold and pink add a girly, romantic feel to the room. The accessories play such a big part in bringing this look together, the room is instantly transformed just by the simple addition of a bunch of flowers, lamp and cushions.

Golden Glam

Guest Bedroom Whitewashed Cottage chippy shabby chic French country rustic swedish decor idea. ***Pinned by oldattic ***.

This is probably my favourite look out of the bunch. It’s simple yet classy and that gold mirror is just to die for. The minimal style just oozes elegance, and I think the simplicity of it all is what I love the most. The textured bed cover helps to add another dimension to the room and the white floorboards automatically makes the room feel light and airy,

Monochrome Madness

Room Inspo Black And White

A monochrome look is one that I’ve been drawn to recently because of it’s slightly edgier feel. It’s the type of room that makes me feel like I should put on my fedora hat and start strumming a guitar, sadly I have no musical talent! My Instagram feed has I’ve been filled with rooms of this demeanour – I think the boyish charm associated with it is what has me gravitating towards it. Also, I’m obsessed with finding a framed print like those above for my own room, I’ve been transfixed on Etsy in search of one!

Sadly I feel that this inspiration post has left me more confused than before but I hope it’s atleast helped someone with ideas! Keep an eye out for Part Two which will be coming your way very soon.

Now….do I go for look 1, 2 or 3??

Bithika xxSource for all photos – Pinterest

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