Down The Cake Hole We Go – Columbia Road Flower Market


I may have lived in London all my life but there are still 1001 hidden gems I have yet to see within the city I call my home.

A couple of weeks back, one Sunday morning, despite the rainy British weather, I thought I’d see more of what’s in my hometown and decided to head on down to Columbia Road Flower Market in East London in search of some flowers to add a bit of life to my rather dull bedroom.


Columbia Road Flower Market is well-known for its incredible array of colourful flowers at super cheap prices. With every type of flower occupying the street, it’s very easy to leave with enough bouquets to fill a florist! The market is the perfect place for a nice Sunday walk, and with Brick Lane and Spitalfields literally round the corner, it’s a good excuse to make a day out of it.


One thing I was surprised to see was how this road was no longer solely known for its flowers but had also become a hub for independent shops. These quirky little shops sell a variety of cute, individual items which I think would make the perfect gifts if you’re looking for something a little unique.Shops

IMG_1128IMG_1154Columbia Road

I came across a super “sweet”, old-fashioned sweet shop, Suck And Chew which transported me back to being a child, the days where I would save my pocket-money to spend on penny sweets after school. From Bon Bons, through to liquorice, hard-boiled sweets and lollipops, this shop is definitely worth checking out if you want to reminisce about the days of being a care free child!

IMG_1156 IMG_1155

There are also a number of cafes and coffee shops which sit on the road, a nice place to escape to if you’re in need of a getaway from the hustle and bustle outside.

I popped into Cake Hole (a little coffee shop at the back of a shop called Vintage Heaven) to grab myself a latte whilst on the go. I wasn’t expecting to come across such a quaint, homely cafe but immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and design. As soon as I saw the scrabble letters, I knew I was in the right place! I also got my first taste of Monmouth Coffee from Cake Hole (which I must say is slightly embarrassing considering I work only 1 minute away from the Monmouth Coffee House in Covent Garden!) but boy, it was good!

image Cake Hole

For this trip, I decided to wear my grey River Island Duster Jacket accompanied with this faux fur stole I picked up for a tenner from a market. What I love most about this stole is how easily it compliments all my coats and instantly transforms an outfit. It’s super soft and makes a nice change from all the tartan scarves currently on the high street (which I own far too many of!)

Fresh As A DaisyFur

Full outfit details:


I’ve been looking to add to my faux fur collection recently since they’re the perfect accompaniment for this winter weather. Here are a few faux fur stoles/collars which I’ve been eyeing up at the moment – and they’re all reasonably priced!

Fur StoleFrom L-R

So all you need is the addition of a little bit of Fur, Flowers and Flavoursome coffee and you’ve got yourself the perfect Sunday afternoon!


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