The Ultimate Lemon Drizzle Cake

I must admit that when it comes to desserts, I always go for the chocolatiest (is that even a word?) option available. The thought of a chocolate dessert makes me drool…..mmmmmm.

However, during the Christmas break, I thought I’d push the boat out a little and attempt to bake something that was as far away from chocolate as possible, a lemon drizzle cake!

Lemon Cake

I was pleasantly surprised as to how easy it was to make this lemon loaf, it’s a quick and easy recipe which is perfect for when you have guests round for tea! Continue reading

DIY Chocolate Hamper

Xmas Hamper

I love a good DIY project so when I was faced with trying to find a gift for my secret santa recipient, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to be a little creative.

A chocolate hamper seemed to be the go to option since there is surely no one on this planet that doesn’t like chocolate right? This hamper is super easy to do, requires very little effort and is sure to blow everyone away!

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Marrakech Diaries: Part Two – An Explosion Of Colour


I’ve been abit MIA on here recently but fret no more….Part Two of my Marrakech Travel Diaries is finally here!

Marrakech has always been on my wish list of places to visit and I was lucky enough to see what the beautiful city had to offer back in October.

Being a massive lover of markets, the souks was what I was most excited about seeing. I had heard alot about the main square, both good and bad but was eager to experience it for myself.

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