Marrakech Diaries: Part One – Travel Essentials

This little series will follow my recent trip to Marrakech. A beautiful city with the most amazing culture, colours and atmosphere – it truly is a city full of life.

Now before any trip abroad, a few travel essentials for the plane is a must. Here is what was included in my bag –


1. Sunglasses£10 – You can’t go on a sunny trip abroad without a pair, it’s one of the first things that I pack. I find it extremely difficult to find glasses that suit my face but this pair from River Island is perfect!

2. Watch£12.99 – I’ve been after an Oliver Burton watch for quite some time now, but came across this one from New Look which is almost a carbon copy of the original and is a fraction of the price. It’s the perfect fashion accessory too.

3. Passport – The most important item to pack, the worst thing in the world is to get to the airport only to realise that you’ve left your passport at home!

4. iPad£7.99 (iPad case) – Flying with easyjet means no built in TV on the plane hence why an ipad filled with movies is essential. I must be going through some Leonardo DiCaprio phase because all my ipad contained was ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Inception’ & ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. All pretty awesome films and you can never go wrong with abit of Leo!

5. Book: Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace – Free (Library) – The cover of this book immediately caught my attention and boy was I glad it did. A spin on the traditional romantic comedy, this book is bound to make you laugh out loud – think of it like the male version of Bridget Jones. This was the perfect accompaniment by the pool – a must read!


Keep an eye out for the rest of my Marrakech Diaries Series!


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