View From The Top

I’ve sorta been obsessed with these “view from the top” shots recently. There’s something about these type of images where all the focus is on your shoes and accessories that I love…..I think it’s because I can go out without a full face of make-up but still get some good shots to put up on Instagram! That’s deception at its best!

It’s also just a really cool alternative way to showcase what you’re wearing rather than the standard mirror selfie.

I love that it makes me look taller than I actually am which is always a plus!

Shirt - Market Jeans - Asda Converse - Office

Shirt – Market, Jeans – Asda (closest match), Converse – Office

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Chocolate Choux Buns

Chocolate and cream all in one item…..How can anyone resist right?

Last weekend I thought I’d put my baking skills to the test and attempt to make some choux pastry. This being my first time at making any sort of pastry, I was wary of the chaos I thought was about to ensue.

But to my surprise, it was actually really simple! Much, much more easier than I thought, and I didn’t experience any sort of catastrophes along the way!

Here are the ingredients I used and the method I followed:

photo 3 (1)

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